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The Truth About This Nation

The other day I reached a point of exhaustion and with that came some real clarity.  Why was I exhausted you might ask?  Well, the honest answer is because essentially I was out trying to make more money to cover my healthcare expenses.  Yes, we live in a country where no one has a right…

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Senate Defies Trump

In an astonishing development, the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate voted to defy Trump and overturn his declaration of a national emergency. This is the first time since 2016 that at least some Republican Senators have united with their Democratic counterparts to oppose Trump. It is important not to over-stress the importance of the vote. First, Trump…

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Flash: Trump Preparing National Emergency For Wall

News Flash: CNN is reporting that the Trump’s White House is preparing a national emergency order to fund The Wall. The report says that the order will specify $7 billion for The Wall’s construction. It is not clear whether Trump will get his Wall, even with the order, but clearly things could be heating up…

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