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MAGA Kids No Gentlemen

So the affair of the MAGA Catholic School kids vs. the Native American elder has become a sort of modern morality play. Right now, the leader of the boys, Nick Sandmann, and many of those on the Right are claiming that the videos of the confrontation are misleading, and that the boys were as much…

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Nathan Phillips: American Hero

Depressed by the events of the last few days? With MAGA kids abusing Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder and Vietnam Vet, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? You’ve a right to be. It’s damn depressing stuff. But here’s a way to lighten your mood. Go take a look at this interview with Phillips…

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Student In MAGA Video Identified

The Cincinnati Inquirer has identified the student in the MAGA video as Nick Sandmann. Further, Sandmann has issued a long statement putting forth his version of the encounter between himself and Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder and Vietnam Vet. In the statement, Sandmann said that his group was insulted and threatened by a group…

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MAGA-kids: Not Just A One Off

The recent incident in which a band of MAGA-hat wearing teenagers confronted and insulted a Native American elder, Nathan Phillips, has outraged the nation. But, it turns out that it wasn’t the only case of racial harassment that the teenagers engaged in that day. New video has emerged showing an earlier incident on the Lincoln…

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Smirk-Boy’s Mom Blames Black Muslims

The boy who confronted Native American elder Nathan Phillips has still not been officially identified. However, a woman claiming to be his mother did contact the online publication and said the young men were innocent and that they had been provoked by “Black Muslims.” The boy appears as seemingly the leader of a mob…

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Help Get Justice For This Veteran!

On Saturday, disturbing videos emerged on the web of a group of white teenagers, most sporting MAGA hats, mocking and intimidating a Native American elder (who is also a Vietnam Vet) near the Lincoln Memorial. The teens, apparently high school students from Covington Catholic High School of Park Hills, KY, had been bused by their…

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