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Blame Obama?

The Parody Project, a.k.a., Don Caron, has a new piece of wonderfully whacked political music on offer, “Blame Obama,” which looks at how the Right, and some on the Left, have used the most successful of our recent presidents as an excuse for their own failings. And remember, you can support the Project on its…

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Parody Project: impeachment!

The Parody Project, the political musical “group” that takes on tRump at every opportunity, is at it again. Check out their Impeachment, which is based on Should I Stay Or Should I Go. In it, the group asks Congress what’s it going be; impeachment or not. If we just vote a bit in 2020, that…

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History of a “Change is Gonna Come”

I find the history of the song Change is Gonna Come fascinating.  It was written by Sam Cooke after an incident that occurred on October 8, 1963.  He had a reservation at a Holiday Inn in Shreveport, Louisiana and when he and his wife arrived they were told there were told there were no rooms…

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Music: Call Me A Stranger

Mayssa Karaa is a Lebanese American musician who often sings in both English and Arabic to highlight the basic unity of her two cultures…and all humanity. She has also recent done a new piece, Call Me A Stranger, which protests the anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant policies of Donald Trump. Be sure to check out this video…

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Ballad of Maxton

Trump Lumbee

When you get a moment, check out the Ballad of Maxton, written by Joe DeFilippo and performed by the R.J. Phillips Band. It is a terrific piece of music which celebrates the humiliation of the Ku Klux Klan at the hands of the Lumbee Indians in 1958. (Background: the Klansmen thought they could intimidate the…

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Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth

We very rarely offer non-political material on this site. But, since we are so close to the holidays, we are going to make an exception…which is not (paradoxically) really an exception…and share this video of a truly lovely song. It is Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth, as preformed (improbably enough) as a duet by Bing…

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“Don’t Rain On My Toupee”

Need a break from the relentless grind of Bad News about the Der Drumpf? Want a quick and satisfying laugh? Well, check out the parody song stylings of Sandy and Richard Riccardi.  For years, the talented couple has amused audiences with their comic, apolitical performances (check out their take on an annoying Christmas letter at…

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We’ve written about the Parody Pr0ject before. It is a talented musical group that takes on Trump and the Right with the powerful tunes and dead-on comedy. Here, in one of their most recent works, they take on the recent illicit GOP “win” in Georgia.  

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Older Now

Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson are Hittin ‘em where it Hurts   Editor’s Note: LR Net doesn’t usually run music criticism. However, this piece, by Michael E. Berumen, seems to us to be important on both an aesthetic and also a political level. In it, Berumen looks at a recent work by Miley Cyrus and…

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