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The Phone Protester’s Workshop….

by Marc Keyser author of TheResistance.Blog   Remember the song by the Beatles that goes, “Say you want a revolution?” Say you are outraged at the Parkland school shooting…. And you want the President and Congress to regulate the sale of assault weapons, and you’ve had it with NRA bribing the members of Congress with…

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The Mueller indictments break the Trump-Russia conspiracy wide open

Making sure Trump gets the Justice He Deserves! by Marc Keyser author of TheResistance.Blog In the race for President, Donald Trump was a doped-up dark horse that never should have won. Trump’s win wasn’t a miracle. It wasn’t a lucky break or a long shot against impossible odds. The key to Trump’s win maybe be…

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Mueller indicts Russians for interfering in elections

Okay, everyone, shit just got real… According to multiple sources, Robert Mueller and the DOJ just charged thirteen Russians with interfering in the US election to help elect der Drumpf. According to the Guardian, “Mueller’s office said 13 Russians and three Russian entities, including the notorious state-backed “troll farm” the Internet Research Agency, had been…

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The Resistance Memo

by Marc Keyser author of TheResistance.Blog How can The Resistance convince Congress to protect the Trump-Russia investigation? The most powerful way to put public pressure on Trump-Republicans in Congress to stop their attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller is to shut down Bank of America. Trump Republicans in Congress think that ruling America is mind…

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Dual Lies

William B. Turner For some time now, Republicans have been promoting two items: their recent tax cut and the Nunes memo. Being good Republicans, their misrepresentations of both are essentially lies. If you hear Republican hype, you can bet some gross misrepresentation, or lie, is coming down the pike. Paul Ryan tweeted, then deleted, a…

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