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Mueller Speaks…the storm is coming

Today at 11 am Eastern Standard, Robert Mueller made his first public statement about his longstanding investigation of Trump’s ties to Russian (and other) interests. His message was that he had in no way exonerated Trump, in spite of the president’s statements to the contrary. Mueller also indicated that he is leaving the Department of…

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Trump Uses Exec Priv On Mueller Report

News outlets are reporting that Donald Trump has escalated his conflict with Congress by exercising Executive Privilege in regard to the Mueller Report. In effect, this would make the report inaccessible to Congress. Democrats are responding by arguing that the White House is far out of bounds in his attempt to bury the report. Americans…

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Mueller Will Testify, Trump Freaks

News and media outlets are reporting that Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before the Senate. However, Trump has tweeted that he should not be allowed to do so. This ratchets up the conflict between Congress and the White House, particularly given that Trump had only a short time before apparently given his blessing to…

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What If It Is For The Best?

So now we have the Mueller report . And, let us confess, it is kind of a bust for most of us. Whether because it was extensively “redacted” (a lovely term that sounds a bit like a flying, prehistoric lizard) or because there really isn’t any proof that Trump is a traitor, the report reveals…

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Mueller Report Released

On Thursday, 18 April, the Mueller report was officially released to Congress. According to those who have seen it, the report does not clearly identify genuinely treasonable activity on Trump’s part. However, the Washington Post among other media outlets is saying that Mueller did not rule out the possibility that Trump did have some sort…

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Mueller Bomb or Dud?

Mueller finally dropped the bomb, or sort of this last Friday.  He has concluded his investigation and turned over his report to Attorney General Barr.  The problem is not very many people have seen the report yet to see what is actually in it; so at this point very few actually know how explosive it…

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