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Mueller Bomb or Dud?

Mueller finally dropped the bomb, or sort of this last Friday.  He has concluded his investigation and turned over his report to Attorney General Barr.  The problem is not very many people have seen the report yet to see what is actually in it; so at this point very few actually know how explosive it…

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Flash: Rosenstein Leaves DOJ

News Flash: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will leave the Department of Justice. What this means for the Mueller investigation is not clear. However, the Washington Post is reporting that there is no timeline set of his departure. It may be that the Mueller probe will be finished before or just after his exit.  

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When Will Mueller Drop The Bomb?

By Chris Madsen Unfortunately, Black Friday came and passed and no new significant news came out of the Mueller investigation.  I was really hoping that we could collectively breathe a sigh of relief as a nation knowing this national nightmare was coming to an end. Unless the current Congress decides on a different day and…

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Melania Trump: Mole of the Century?

By Chris Madsen I can’t help but wonder how much of Melania’s life was scripted, staged, or set up.  With her father having been a member of the Communist party, it really makes me wonder what kind of culture she grew up in her home?  Was she groomed from a child to be willing to…

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  Shut Down Bank of America Until Trump is Impeached By Marc Keyser, BOYCOTTING Bank of America and running the risk of them going bankrupt is a small price to pay for bringing President Trump to justice and seeing him impeached. Did President Trump fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and make Matt Whitaker- a…

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