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A Dark Moment For tRump

Can you say impeachment?   Just spoke to a GOP source close to McConnell, on the politics of impeachment: “This is shaping up to be a very dark moment for the Trump White House.” — Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) October 23, 2019

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Even #MoscowMitch Is Worried

From the Department of Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship… None other than Mitch (#MoscowMitch) McConnell has penned an op-ed in The Washington Post saying that The Orange One’s withdrawal from Syria was a “grave mistake.” Of course, he spends most of the piece blaming Obama for the problem (say what?) but, even so, for #MoscowMitch…

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Dems Could Impeach!

From Politicususa.com House Democrats Now Have Enough Votes To Impeach Donald Trump  The best part is once the House of Representatives votes to proceed the Senate constitutionally must hold a trial of the president.  Sorry, Moscow Mitch you won’t be able to bury or hide this on your desk.     Now would be a…

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#MoscowMitch: Russian Assest

This video does an excellent job explaining all that Moscow Mitch has done to help Russia.  He’s currently working on making our economy dependent on Russia so we can’t sanction Russia or its oligarchs.   Mahalo, Rachel Maddow for helping explain what has been going on to the American people and how Russia has been…

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Putin’s At It Again…and worse.

From New York Magazine: Russian Election Hacking in 2020 Could Easily Be Much Worse Than 2016 Yep. We sort of had that one figured. Particularly now that Trump and MoscowMitch are working so hard to help their pal Putin.

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