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On November 29, 2018, Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen “pleaded guilty to lying to Congress when he insisted that Trump was not pursuing plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow after January 2016, casting Trump’s repeated claims that he had no business interests in Russia in a new light” (Washington Post, 2018). As…

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The Betrayal Of Ambassador McFaul

Of all the astonishing things that came out of the Putin-Trump summit (read “lurid love fest”) the thing which most astonishes me personally is that Putin offered to let Robert Mueller interview a few of his more obvious Russian suspects …if Trump let Russian agents “interview” former U.S. ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul. And then…Trump…

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Golden Shower Reports Still Rain Down

So the Putin/Trump meeting in Helsinki is done, leaving behind no end of jokes about the Russian leader getting a…er, ah…gust occupation (work it out with your thesaurus) from the American president. But, what we find surprising is that another type of humor is also flourishing—to wit, speculation that Russian agents filmed Trump either getting…

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Putin and His Useful Idiot

Today, 16 July, Donald (“The Dim”) Trump is supposed to meet with Vladimir (“The Impaler”) Putin. If that fact doesn’t terrify you, then you’re either a Russian or on serious drugs. The general betting is that Trump, who is a notoriously poor negotiator, will end up giving away the farm. But the question plaguing diplomats…

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Trump WAS in Moscow!

Trump has been saying that he didn’t stay overnight in Moscow in 2013, which was during the Miss Universe pageant. That’s important because it relates to the infamous reports of a “pee tape,” and/or other less than savory activities in which he may have engaged with Russian sex workers during that time. But, Bloomberg’s “Bloomberg…

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