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WSJ: tRump Wanted USS John McCain Invisible

News outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, are reporting that during his recent trip to Japan, tRump wanted the American warship, USS John McCain, “Out Of Sight,” so as not to remind him of his old rival. Further, crew members from the ship were decidedly un-invited to events at which our alleged commander-in-chief was to…

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Is 45 Going Mad?

There’s an amusing and terrifying article on CNN’s website this month,  Donald Trump’s craziest day ever on Twitter, by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large. In it, Cillizza looks at barrage of unbalanced tweets that came out of the White House on 17 March, 2019. Among many other things, 45 threatened Saturday Night Live with an FCC…

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Trump: Clap, You Traitors, Clap!

Coming under the heading You Can’t Make This Shit Up… Donald (Der Dumpster) Trump has announced (apparently seriously) that those Democrats who didn’t stand and applaud him during his recent State of the Union address were traitors. According to an article by Rafi Schwartz in Splinter, Trump has said that the Dems who didn’t show…

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