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Flash: Lady Gaga Thumps Trump

News Flash: Diva and pop icon Lady Gaga stopped one of her recent concerts to give Donald Trump hell for the government shutdown. Her audience went wild in response. Nice to see that pop culture has good sense. Check it out: Lady Gaga stops concert to pummel Mike Pence’s Christianity and Trump’s shutdown—the crowd goes…

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Veep Throat

It could probably be argued that Donald Trump hasn’t had a good week since November of 2016, but man alive, Trump is having a bad week. First, excerpts have emerged from Bob Woodward’s new book about the President, and they’re every bit as damning as one would expect. This is particularly awkward for Trump as…

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Hypocrisy Roundup

It was a good weekend if you’re the kind of person who likes to kick back, relax, read the news and then roll your eyes so hard that braindead Vegas slot jockeys reflexively thrust plastic cups under your jaw in the hopes that you’ll spit quarters. Aside from the Winter Olympics, last week apparently saw…

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