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U.S. Losing Friends and Allies

What’s Trump’s effect on American power around the world? Highly negative. Check out this piece in Foreign Policy News: US lost important military allies in the Middle East , “Two major NATO allies, Germany and France, turned their backs on the United States. Berlin and Paris refused to form a coalition against Iran and send…

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A Response to Howard Jacobson

by Rabbi Charles Familant Editor’s Note: Rabbi Familant wrote this note some time ago, but he feels that it is uniquely applicable today. We very much agree. Mr. Jacobson, I shall start with your rather provocative statement: “Rhetoric is precisely what has warped report and analysis these past months…’Massacre’ and ‘Slaughter’ are rhetorical terms. They…

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Or Israel???

by Chris Madsen I found an interesting article from 5 weeks ago on PressTV.com called “US and Israel fabricating lies to provoke war with Iran: Ex-CIA officer”.(*) This is meant as a follow-up to my article “Iran? Or Russia?”.  In that article I pointed out some of the reasons Russia and the United States may…

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120,000 Troops To Middle East?

In a frightening development, the Trump White House is said to be considering sending an additional 120,000 troops to the Middle East. These men and women will be there in order to protect American interests in the event of a war with Iran. This comes after a recent increase in tension with Iran. John Bolton,…

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Khashoggi’s Killers…and Trump

Okay, let’s start by admitting that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi remains a murky business. We suspect he is dead, but don’t know it for absolute certain. We are pretty sure, but do not yet have proof, that he was murdered, and maybe tortured by Saudi intelligence operatives. We think, but are not certain, that…

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Israel: Unlearned Lessons and Squandered Opportunities

By Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant Max Fisher wrote in Vox news more than three years ago (April, 2015), a piece entitled Israel’s Dark Future. His article has taken on even more relevance today. The embassy move is the latest phase in Israel’s steady encroachment upon Palestinian land. A review of the conditions of Jews in…

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