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What the heck? Avenatti Links Cohen/Bannon With Qatari Agent

Coming under the head of…say what? We learn that Michael Avenatti (Stormy Daniels’ lawyer) just posted photos of Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer, showing Cohen meeting a Qatari agent at Trump Towers. It is all very weird because the story coming out is that Qatar’s government  attempted to contact Steve Bannon, Trump’s former advisor and right…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

And the week offers us our usual collection of news, for good, bad, and Trump. Among the stories we’re following are: Over on Vox, we read Trump tells 57,000 Hondurans who’ve lived in the US for 20 years to get out by Dara Lind. It seems that our dear and glorious orange-headed duce is kicking…

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Bornstein Kerfuffle Just Keeps Getting Better

So by now everyone knows that Trump’s formerly loyal doctor, Harold Bornstein, says that 45 sent a goon squad to raid his offices and take away all his medical files last February. Now, though, things are getting more fun still. Bornstein is saying that Trump basically dictated the infamous memo about his being the healthiest…

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The Best Jokes From Michelle Wolf’s Dinner Speech

So, okay, I didn’t see Michelle Wolf at the White House correspondents’ dinner. Hard to get an invite to those things. Even Trump couldn’t get in. Or was that an accident? Anyway, apparently Wolf did the best political stand-up that’s been heard for a long, long time. Fortunately, even I wasn’t there, you can find…

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Stormy Daniel’s Lawyer Says 45 Is Toast

So here’s a lovely thought. We all know, now, about Stormy Daniels and her alleged affair with der Drumpf (you’d think an “adult entertainer” would have better taste in partners, but not for us to judge). We also all know that the Great Orange One has more or less admitted that he did, indeed, employ…

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