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Antisocial Climbing

Famous idiot and current President Donald Trump is obsessed with building a wall along America’s Southern border. You might have heard him mention it in rallies, press conferences, tweets, and any time he feels like it, regardless of context. Now that Trump has released prototypes of his wall and declared it impossible to climb, professional…

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Trump…and the stab in the back

There is an instructive tale being reported on New York Times and Rawstory. Both news outlets are providing the revealing history of “Pat LeBlanc, chairman of EBW Electronics based in Michigan.” Mr. LeBlanc was a solid Trump supporter back in the day, one of the many thoughtful business executives who saw Trump as an alternative…

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Stop The War With Mexico

So I see in my local paper that Trump is sending an additional 5200 troops to the boarder of Mexico. That is on top of the thousands of people we’ve already got there in the form of the border patrol, ICE, and other security forces. My question: is it just me, or is this starting…

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4 July Belongs To Us!

And, appropriately, it begins in July…only a few days away from the fourth. The history of politics the world over for the last forty years has been that of a slow drift to the Right, as hugely wealthy donors, increasingly corrupt “conservative” parties, and an ever more angry (and gullible) lower middle class have combined…

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Now The Military Pays For The Wall

First it was Mexico. Now it’s the military. Writing in the Washington Post, Josh Dawsey and Mike DeBonis write that Trump is now calling for the Military to pay for his precious Wall. They note, “Trump, who told advisers he was spurned in a large spending bill last week when lawmakers appropriated only $1.6 billion…

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Another Brick In The Wall

by Eugene Maes How do I begin to talk about Trump, the Wall, and the $14 billion required to build the wall to protect our borders? Well, I could begin by noting that Paul Ryan stated on CNN that the Wall is itself a national security risk that needs to be addressed sooner than later. …

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