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Dogs Of War…in UAE

A short while back we did a piece on Erik Prince, Donald Trump’s favorite condottiere, who is currently using his connections with the Orange regime to rebuild his business as the mercenary captain par excellence. But it turns out the story keeps getting better. One of Prince’s first and best customers was the United Arab…

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The Prince of Black Water

Fascinating article over the Intercept recently. In The Complete Mercenary, Matthew Cole looks at the curious case of Erik Prince, brother of Betsy De Vos and founder of the Blackwater mercenary company. In the piece, Cole looks at how Prince brought himself and his company back from the brink thanks to his connections with the…

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Russians, Erik Prince, High Treason

So back in January, 2017, Erik Prince (mercenary entrepreneur and Betsy DeVos’s brother) secretly met with a Russian oligarch and had an oh-so-off-the-record conversation. But, now,  happily for us, the details of that meeting are coming to light as a result of Mueller’s ongoing investigation. According to a recent article in the Daily Beast, Revealed:…

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Russian Spokeswoman Says Dead People Just Resting

Okay, well, that title is actually an over-statement. But, one hopes that readers will recall the Monty Python skit where the pet shop owner assures his customers that the stuffed parrot isn’t dead… merely resting. The serious issue, though, is that last month a number of lightly armed Russian mercenaries attacked an American position in…

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