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An Open Letter to Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

Aloha, I would like to clear up one thing, you are beautiful.  You are also loved by so many of the American and British people.  Someone truly hated by the majority of Americans and by the majority of the British people is very jealous of that fact. Unfortunately, in this world we have people like…

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Her Royal Hypocrisy

Happy international women’s day! I feel cheap just bringing it up. Not because I have anything against women, international or otherwise, but because International Women’s Day has begun to feel like every other international day of equality; an empty gesture to be exploited by hypocritical megaconglomerates whilst everyone else makes zero progress on the issue…

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Top Pick To Replace Ryan Is a White Supremacist

Ku Klux Klan Cross Burning

Wait. What? This guy’s for real? Alas, so it seems. The leading Republican candidate in the race to take Paul Ryan’s place in Congress is a chap named Paul Nehlen, a fairly obscure non-entity who has been floating around Wisconsin politics for some time. The kicker? He is a white supremacist who’s best known for…

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