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Laws and Measles

So here is a perfectly expect-able story. It turns out that if you pass laws requiring parents to vaccinate their children, disease rates drop. Whoa. Who’d a’ thought it? This current piece of obvious common sense comes from California. According to the LA Times, California has been largely spared the current measles outbreak. Why? Well,…

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Anti-Vax: A Deadly Danger

Is the USA under biological attack? There is a troubling article over on the Washington Post website, U.S. measles cases surge as officials scramble to stop near-record outbreak, by Lena H. Sun. The piece looks at how the American medical establishment is struggling with a now very serious pandemic, and sometimes failing. Their job is…

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Measles And Parents, A Warning

There is a fascinating and disturbing article over on the Washington Post site. In My parents didn’t tell me they skipped my vaccines. Then I got sick. Josh Nerius recounts how his counter-culture, anti-Vaxxer parents didn’t have him vaccinated as a child, and didn’t bother to let him know that he was unprotected. And then,…

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Republican Says Vaccines are “Sorcery”

In a fascinating display of ignorance, arrogance, and bigotry, Texas GOP representative Jonathan Stickland has attacked vaccines as “sorcery.” He also attacked a prominent Texas pediatrician on social media and disputed the validity of science in general, and medical science in particular. The pediatrician had made a public statement about the need for parents to…

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Washington Measles Source?

We now over 100 cases of measles reported in the United States. But has anyone looked into the actual source of the Washington state measles outbreak?   I fully understand people are getting it because they aren’t vaccinated.  However, it still had to arrive in Washington state somehow.  Did someone with it in Canada walk…

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