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Joe Biden’s Tribute to John McCain

If you didn’t see it on Thursday, do check out Joe Biden’s tribute to the late, great John McCain. It is powerful, moving, and will quite likely bring a tear to your eye. It will also make you weep when you think of all that we have lost, in this age when Bidens and McCains…

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What is Most Tragic? What is Most Absurd?

What is the most tragic about the death of John McCain? What is the most absurd? Is it that McCain, that great American had to specify that he did not want Donald Trump at his funeral? That he had to bar that deplorable little man from his last moment on earth? And that, in the…

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The Last Republican

We were all here saddened to learn of the passing of the great Senator John McCain. Some of us…those who are from the branch of we call Conservative Resistance…remember voting for him, when his slogan was “for the sane who remain.” Alas, the sane did not triumph in the Republican Party and as the…

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