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News Flash: Barr May Be Next AG

News outlets are reporting that William Barr, a long time GOP stalwart, is the leading candidate to be Trump’s choice for Attorney General. This means that Matthew G. Whitaker, a controversial candidate at best, will remain only the “acting” AG until Barr is confirmed. However, confirmation may take long months, during which period Whitaker will…

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An Unconstitutional AG?

Yesterday we wrote about how Fox News said that Trump’s appointment of Matthew G. Whitaker may have been unconstitutional. Well, by Golly, the opinion was seconded by none other than George T. Conway III, the other half of Kellyanne Conway. The Washington Post quotes Conway as saying, “It’s illegal. And it means that anything Mr.…

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Nobody Is Above The Law

Yesterday, Trump fired Jeff Sessions and installed Matthew G. Whitaker, a bullet-headed lackey, in his place. This is obviously an attempt to derail the Russia investigation. “Not so fast,” says the progressive group MoveOn. “Nobody is above the law!” And MoveOn is sponsoring hundreds of demonstrations around the country to protest the move. If you’re interested…

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