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Abolish The Second Amendment!

Editor’s Note: Again, we have had senseless mass shootings. Again, the GOP has prevented any real reform of gun control laws. It seemed fitting, therefore, to rerun the following article by Michael E. Berumen. This appeared back in April of 2018. Alas, so little has changed.     By Michael E. Berumen For some years…

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The Silencer …and death

Frightening article over on the Washington Post: Why the shooting in Virginia Beach sets an ominous precedent by Juliette Kayyem. She notes that in the most recent of the mass murders which our nation has suffered…which the NRA assures us we can do nothing to stop…the killer used a silencer on at least one of…

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Why Are White Killers Humanized?

Here’s an interesting question that’s been posed over on MSNBC site. To wit, after the New Zealand mass killing, at least some media outlets went out of their way to present the killer as a human being. In other words, white mass murderers are not “terrorists.” They are “shooters.” By contrast, notes NBC, Black or…

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