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Annapolis Survivors Get Death Threats, Mockery

Yes, folks, it is never ending. According to the Raw Story,  journalists at the Maryland paper the Capital Gazette…men and women who saw their friends gunned down in cold blood…are getting everything from death threats to emails celebrating the murders of their colleagues. In a powerfully written editorial, the surviving members of the Gazette‘s staff…

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Civility, Russian Style.

There’s been a lot written about civil discourse, lately. About how us liberal snowflakes are a bunch of pussies and obsessed with being PC so as not to tread on anyone’s toes and also, somehow, using language that is deeply offending the opposition. Whilst right wing figures like Milo Yiannopoulos* can call for the murder…

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Deplorables Threaten Violence (again)

Sometimes you just need a little reminder of how awful they really are. Trump supporters, I mean. The Deplorables… And for today’s little aide-mémoire, consider this story from Salon (though originally on Alternet): Billboard in Maryland warns liberals to “get your guns” if Trump is impeached. Yes, it seems that some charming fellow in Calvert…

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