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Rover Art…And A Tear

People’s reactions to the “death” of the Mars Rover Opportunity were surprisingly strong. Just as a final note on the story, here are some of the memes that appeared on the web after the little robot’s final message. Now, if we could just get people to feel as strongly about, you know, people…   But…

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One More Note On Rover

One additional word on the Mars Rover Opportunity: I suspect we needn’t grieve too deeply for Opportunity. I suspect that, eventually, we will return to Mars, either in the form of manned missions or, and I believe this is more likely, with vastly more sophisticated machines. And, when that day comes, the little Rover will…

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No More (Mars) A’ Roving

From the editor’s desk: So last week we all read about the Mars Rover Opportunity and how, after 15 years of unexpected service, it had finally perished in a uniquely awful Martian sandstorm. It even had a few rather touching last words, “My battery is low and it is getting dark.” Or, roughly that. The…

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