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Trump’s great Taj Wall

Welcome to the Virtual Reality2, Show hosted by Marc Keyser. Today’s guests: President Trump and Ann Coulter were unable to join us in the studio, but they are here in virtual reality. Host Marc Keyser: Mr. President you promised to build a great wall on the southern border to put an end to invasion of…

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A Virtual Interview With AOC

Editor’s Note: The following is not an actual interview with Representative Ocasio-Cortez. It is, however, based on her actual statements and presents a conversation as Marc Keyser thinks it might genuinely go.   Exclusive Interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez   We have a special guest on the show today. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is here in the Liberal…

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Impeaching Individual-1

By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog Who is “Individual-1”? Prosecutors for the Southern District of New York released incriminating documents Friday that implicate Individual-1 in at least one federal crime ― Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer/attorney pleaded guilty to paying off two women who claim to have had sexual relations with Trump in order to avoid negative publicity for…

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Impeachment is not Enough

Note: The following is not the record of an actual conversation between the author, Marc Keyser, and Robert Reich, the noted public intellectual. Rather, it is a “virtual conversation,” that is, a work of creative non-fiction in which Mr. Keyser envisions how a conversation between himself and Mr. Reich might go. For Mr. Reich’s opinions…

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Who’s Guarding the Pigeon Coop?

image source   Marc Keyser, The day after the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives, Trump abruptly fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointed Matthew Whitaker, a Trump loyalist, to run the FBI and oversee the Trump-Russia investigation. That’s problematic. That’s like putting the python in charge of a pigeon coup to…

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Firing Back!

Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointed Matt Whitaker, a political hack, to make the Trump-Russia investigation go away. Trump was furious because Sessions had to recuse himself back in March 2017 from overseeing the Trump-Russia investigation. While working on the Trump’s campaign, Sessions had meetings with the Russians and lied about those contacts…

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