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MAGA Kids No Gentlemen

So the affair of the MAGA Catholic School kids vs. the Native American elder has become a sort of modern morality play. Right now, the leader of the boys, Nick Sandmann, and many of those on the Right are claiming that the videos of the confrontation are misleading, and that the boys were as much…

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Nathan Phillips: American Hero

Depressed by the events of the last few days? With MAGA kids abusing Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder and Vietnam Vet, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? You’ve a right to be. It’s damn depressing stuff. But here’s a way to lighten your mood. Go take a look at this interview with Phillips…

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Student In MAGA Video Identified

The Cincinnati Inquirer has identified the student in the MAGA video as Nick Sandmann. Further, Sandmann has issued a long statement putting forth his version of the encounter between himself and Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder and Vietnam Vet. In the statement, Sandmann said that his group was insulted and threatened by a group…

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There is nothing wrong with Thanksgiving as a holiday. In fact, it is good thing to be mindful and thankful for the good things in our lives. But it is important to remember that the standard narrative we’re given about Pilgrims and Indians is not quite right.   To that end, we present a few…

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Racist Boxing Rundown.

You have to hand it to Trump supporters; they’re nothing if not tenacious. In a battle with reality, logic, facts and basic human decency, they’ve been losing since the start and yet still stubbornly refuse to go down. Refusing to admit defeat does not seem to be in the mental playbook of Trump supporter Rod…

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What Affects You?

by Michele Gabriel President Trump’s recent statement that he got the majority of the women’s vote in the 2016 election has people wondering if he flat out lied or if he really thinks 52% of the white woman votes are the only women votes that matter. I, myself, have no idea why he said it.…

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