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4. Interlude with Pigs

Editor’s Note: Long term readers will know that we are running a series of short, comic pieces by Luke Haines which whack selfish Baby Boomers and/or Dragons (six of one). This week, we get the Ermitrude the pig, plus the Bechdel Test. “Jeeeeeeeeesus…” I winced as I sat up. I’d slept in my clothes, which…

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Civility, Russian Style.

There’s been a lot written about civil discourse, lately. About how us liberal snowflakes are a bunch of pussies and obsessed with being PC so as not to tread on anyone’s toes and also, somehow, using language that is deeply offending the opposition. Whilst right wing figures like Milo Yiannopoulos* can call for the murder…

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Notes from the Editor’s Desk

Hey, Everyone! So another week’s gone flying past. And once again there may have been a few great stories on LR Net that you just didn’t get a chance to read. So, once more, we’re here to suggest a few articles we’ve done recently that might be crying out for your special attention. So, open…

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