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Beyond Ayn Rand!

Editor’s Note: Our publication is, but we are open to viewpoints beyond just liberalism. One of these is libertarianism. While most of us here do not support this particular philosophy, we also wish to keep in mind that it can be as opposed to Trump as we are. Jay Chambers has, therefore, given us…

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Ayn Randians Dying Out?

From The New Republic: The Last of the Ayn Rand Acolytes, “This year’s Objectivist Conference revealed that her cult of hyper-capitalism has a major recruiting problem: All the young people want to be socialists!” Let’s hope so. Not that we’re particularly Marxist or anything, but, come on! She wrote with all the grace and wit…

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Paul Rand: Super Scum

From The Hill: Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund Rand, you are a grotesque, slime-dripping, pig-faced, shit-brained, sleaze… And we know where you’re headed.  

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Erick Prince: There was a meeting!

In an amazing development, Erik Prince has acknowledged that he did meet with Donald Trump Jr. and a representative of Saudi Arabia before the 2016 election, apparently in an attempt to co-ordinate efforts to get Trump Senior into the White House. The admission came on Al Jazeeera’s Head To Head program. The British newspaper, The…

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Sorry Brexiters, UK’s Not Singapore

Interesting article over on CNN recently. In Brexiteer fantasy of Singapore-style economy will be hard to achieve, Tara John looks at the aspiration of some Brexit supporters to turn Britain into a libertarian utopia of low taxes, low government spending, and near zero regulation of business, just like Singapore. According to John, that really is…

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The Myth of Socialism’s Failure

Editor’s Note: This week, Michele Gabriel looks at the myth of Socialism’s Failure. In spite of the opinions of some conservatives, and even conservative professors, it is not a flop. ‘An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class.…

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