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Rental Families: The Future

The grim reality is that postindustrial, late capitalist economics don’t lend themselves to family or personal happiness. Corporations expect their employees to work 24/7, and if that means they don’t have a private life, well, too bad. The result is a developed world in crisis, where entire countries are running out of people as singles…

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The WalMart Walkout

I had a strange, vivid dream last night.  I was somewhere in one of those right-to-work states at a Wal-Mart.  I’m not sure if it was Black Friday or when, but a large mob was gathered by the door.  Anyway, right before the door was set to be opened a group of employees quit and…

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Change “Union Opt Out”

Over approximately the last 40 years the labor unions of The United States have lost much of their strength due to American corporations doing everything they can to pressure workers not to join a union. Many even hand out anti-union propaganda pamphlets or make people watch anti-union propaganda videos at employee orientations. They do their…

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