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4th of July, We Will Endure

It’s the Fourth of July! Today, we should all be proud of our nation and what it has managed to achieve over the centuries. We have a lot of flaws, but we’ve done much to right our wrongs, and are doing more each day. But we should also be wary. Our ship of state is…

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A New and Revised Declaration

Editor’s Note: A common theme for today is what the Declaration of Independence would look like if written now, in an age of Trump. Here is Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant‘s take on the topic.   We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men, women and children in our land and every human community…

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4 July Belongs To Us!

And, appropriately, it begins in July…only a few days away from the fourth. The history of politics the world over for the last forty years has been that of a slow drift to the Right, as hugely wealthy donors, increasingly corrupt “conservative” parties, and an ever more angry (and gullible) lower middle class have combined…

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The Next Declaration of Independence

It is July 4, the day on which Americans traditionally celebrate their independence. But, this last year and a half has made some of us question just how free a people we are, and how many of us genuinely want freedom. But, LiberalResistance.Net believes that in spite of appearances to the contrary, the spirit of…

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Editor’s Note: In homage to the Fourth of July, writer Edward Santella envisions the Declaration of Independence as it would be written today.   When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for a sovereign people to assert their Natural and God-given rights and duties in order to preserve the political ideals and…

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