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Trump & The Steel Collar Worker

Trump came to power partly by promising jobs to everyone…at least everyone who was white and a conservative. But the reality is that he can’t and he won’t deliver on that promise. Economics and technology make it impossible for him to do so. Consider this article from Barrons: One Area of the Industrial Economy Is…

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We NEED immigrants…NOW

Want to know why tRump’s anti-immigrant policies aren’t just inhuman but damn dumb as well? Read this article from the Washington Post: ‘This will be catastrophic’: Maine families face elder boom, worker shortage in preview of nation’s future Yes, folks, we’re running out of people, particularly the people needed to do really critical jobs, like…

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How Universal Basic Income (UBI) in America would Work

In order to help put a floor on poverty in this country I believe use of a universal basic income would be one of the most effective tools.   It would be one of the only ways to help offset the increasing wealth gap and help ensure that everyone can afford life’s necessities.   As…

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Trump Merging Departments of Labor and of Education

Bad Education

In an attempt to streamline the federal government, and as part of their “Drain the Swamp” agenda, the Trump administration has proposed merging the labor department and the department of education. “The sweeping reorganization proposal, which was formally unveiled during the president’s Cabinet meeting Thursday, is the result of an order signed by Trump in…

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