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American Jews Arrested For Protesting Concentration Camps

Never thought I’d see the day in America on American soil where Jews would be arrested for protesting concentration camps.  And yet here we are sinking to new lows as the Trump Administration tries and drags us as a nation through their racist and hateful quagmire.   It’s harder to ideologically subvert a group that…

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Jewish, Judaism, Hebrew

Between the calendar dates of July 20 and August 8 of this year (referred to as “the three weeks of mourning”) which correspond (this year) to the Hebrew calendar dates of 17 Tammuz and 9 Av (Tisha b’Av) have a special meaning in the history of the Jewish People. In 70 C.E. imperial Rome breached…

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Tennessee Judge Says Jews Should “Get Over It”

Are we in a new era of antisemitism? You could be excused for thinking that we might be. Most recently, a Tennessee judge, Jim Lammey from Shelby County Criminal Court, posted to a Facebook page that Jews should “get the f**k over the Holocaust.” He has also re-posted material from a Holocaust denier. The remarks…

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Murder In the Synagogue!

As many of you have already heard, an unspecified number of those attending a Jewish Sabbath service this morning in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have been killed while others are undergoing surgery in nearby hospitals and still others are being treated for their wounds. The shooter, now in custody, is reported to have said,…

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