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Jeff: The Rat Man At the Rat Time

Now that Jeff Sessions, our former Attorney General, has been gone for a while, maybe it is time to give him a second look. Maybe it is time to even give credit where credit is due. Yes, admittedly, he is not attractive individual. Physically, there is something of the weasel or the rodent about him—…

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Saturday Night Massacre 2.0

So Trump’s version of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, October 20, 1973, seems to have officially began.  So far Trump has already forced Attorney General Sessions to resign for not ending the Mueller investigation.  Sessions previously recused himself from the Mueller investigation angering Trump. For those unfamiliar Nixon wanted Cox’s special investigation into Watergate terminated.  He…

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Sessions, The Enemy Of Liberty

There is an article you should read over on The Atlantic‘s website, The End of Civil Rights, by Vann R. Newkirk II . In it, Newkirk demonstrates with depressing finality that Jeff Sessions has emerged as the greatest enemy of civil rights that this country has seen in decades. He has single-handledly set out to…

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Moloch: Sessions’ Genuine God

It seems I owe the Trump administration in general, and Jeff Sessions in particular, an apology. You see, I had assumed that what Trump & Co. genuinely worshipped was Money—or, if you prefer Biblical language, Mammon. As in “you may serve God or Mammon, but not both.” And given the Trump kleptocracy… But now I…

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Zero Tolerance, the Word of God?

Children torn from the arms of their parents and encaged, along with other young castaways, under the pretense of following the law. Law? Whose law? This president’s law? This Attorney General’s law? This Secretary of Homeland Security’s law? And presuming that it is the law, what law has been broken? Seeking asylum by attempting illegal…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

There have been an amazing number of fascinating stories on the web this week. That is not a good thing. With Donald Trump in the White House, there is always something insane to report. So, take a moment, and check out some of the following: As we all know now, Trump dissed Justin Trudeau, but…

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