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Enquirer In Deep Sh*t

The alleged newspaper, The National Enquirer, has a long history of being on the side of Right Wing figures, and of doing its level best to smear Left Wing ones. (What the newspaper wrote about Obama and his family made even Fox News look “fair and balanced.”) But, now, the Enquirer may have finally gone…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

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by Matt Blanchfield So, all sorts of good and bad news on the web this week. Check out some of the following: Did you ever see the movie Minority Report? The one set in a near future where every corporation and government agency knows your every move? Well, among other vendors, Amazon has some facial…

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We Must Defend Amazon

You read that right. We have to defend Amazon with all our strength. Why? Well, go have a look at a recent article in the New York Times, Michelle Goldberg’s The Autocrats’ Playbook. She makes a fascinating argument, which is almost certainly on the money. Here’s the deal: dictators hate free expression and criticism. Trump…

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