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Rental Families: The Future

The grim reality is that postindustrial, late capitalist economics don’t lend themselves to family or personal happiness. Corporations expect their employees to work 24/7, and if that means they don’t have a private life, well, too bad. The result is a developed world in crisis, where entire countries are running out of people as singles…

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Iran? Or Russia?

The United States government was sure quick to blame Iran for two oil tanker attacks near Iran.  I fail to see where Iran benefits by blowing up ships that just purchased Iranian oil and therefore contaminating their own waters.  The attacks were on a Japanese vessel and a Norwegian vessel.  The American logic went something…

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We Need Immigrants…NOW

One of the reasons that Trump and his followers have been anti-immigrant is that, they say, America is already pretty well filled up. There’s no vacancy here. We have too many people for too few jobs, and, ergo, “immigrants take jobs away from Americans.” The kicker is that that isn’t true. Oh, yes, we may…

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