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Sanders Says We Need To Look At Israel

Bernie Sanders is, once again, rushing in where angels fear to tread. Or, at least, where American political candidates fear to tread. He is openly saying that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people is oppressive. That this is dangerous, to say the least, is obvious. American political figures have traditionally voiced unquestioning support of Israel,…

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Israel, and the Broken Trust

We may have a problem. We certainly have a question. It involves one of our dearest friends, who may have hurt us. The United States has always had a special relationship with Israel. It is our only true friend in the Middle East. It has been a model democracy for most of its history. It…

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Syrian War Gets Hot

News outlets are reporting that Israel launched a major air strike into Syrian territory yesterday and last night. Details remain very sketchy, but apparently Israel launched the attack in retaliation for the downing of one of its jets from Syrian anti-aircraft fire. According to the Washington Post and BBC, among other outlets, the confrontation began…

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