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Khashoggi’s Killers…and Trump

Okay, let’s start by admitting that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi remains a murky business. We suspect he is dead, but don’t know it for absolute certain. We are pretty sure, but do not yet have proof, that he was murdered, and maybe tortured by Saudi intelligence operatives. We think, but are not certain, that…

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It Wasn’t Just Russia

Fascinating article over on The Intercept this week. Check out Jeremy Scahill’s More Than Just Russia — There’s a Strong Case for the Trump Team Colluding With Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the UAE. In it, Scahill says that Trump and Trump’s minions may have colluded with Russia to get the White House, but it is…

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Blundering Our Way To Hell

By Michael Jay Tucker So, I read something short but significant the other day. It was just a few lines, really. Not even a full paragraph. But powerful… and terrible… all the same. Something that hints at our destruction. The passage in question is from Steven Simon’s essay, “Powder Keg In Syria,” in the current…

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According to Trump, Nobody Can Have Nukes but Him

With all of the blustering about nuclear disarmament and with the actions of President Trump in regards to Iran and all the happenings with North Korea, you would think things would be starting to deescalate in the nuclear development world. You would think this, but you would be wrong. In fact, “the initiatives in the…

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Netanyahu: Friend or Foe?

There was a fascinating if very troubling article over on The Intercept’s site recently, Why Do So Many Denounce Authoritarianism From Trump and Putin — but Not Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu? by Mehdi Hasan. In it, Mr. Hasan looks at Netanyahu’s activities as a political figure, and comes away with rather a bad taste in his…

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The Idiot King Abandons Iran Deal

And surprising absolutely no one, Trump today announced that he was pulling out of the deal with Iran to limit that nation’s nuclear weapons. It is one of those moments to which future historians will point and say, “Yep, that’s pretty freaking stupid, all right.” I’m not even going to write anything about it because…

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