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Parody Project: impeachment!

The Parody Project, the political musical “group” that takes on tRump at every opportunity, is at it again. Check out their Impeachment, which is based on Should I Stay Or Should I Go. In it, the group asks Congress what’s it going be; impeachment or not. If we just vote a bit in 2020, that…

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What If It Is For The Best?

So now we have the Mueller report . And, let us confess, it is kind of a bust for most of us. Whether because it was extensively “redacted” (a lovely term that sounds a bit like a flying, prehistoric lizard) or because there really isn’t any proof that Trump is a traitor, the report reveals…

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Trump will be Impeached when we Call-In to Shut Down Bank of America

by Marc Keyser, the Resistance.Blog In the diseased mind of President Trump, the way to avoid the just punishment for his crimes is to elevate himself from President to King Trump, the Supreme Ruler of these United States with absolute authority to pardon himself. Our psychotic president fancies himself above the law; he is simply…

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