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Ditch Mitch! The damage Repulsive Republicans in Congress who support Trump are doing to our economy and our democracy calls for much more than “left-wing antics”   by Marc Keyser Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell and his wife were heckled in a restaurant in Louisville Kentucky by customers. “Why don’t you get out of…

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Don’t Throw Away Your Vote!

Yesterday, I asked you to please, Please, PLEASE vote. Well, today, I’m going to ask you for another favor. And it is almost as big. I’m going to ask you not to vote for someone who can’t win. Specifically, I am going to ask you…beg you!…not to vote for a Third Party if it might…

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The Newest Deal!

I thought about what realistically this country needs to help put it back on track. What came to mind was ‘The Newest Deal’. To actually move this country forward ‘The Newest American Deal’ should include all of these components: A firm commitment that the government was established to work for “We the People”. Outlawing lobbying…

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