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Vote! It’s Zero Hour

Okay, everyone. Today is the day. It is zero hour. It is election day. If you haven’t yet voted, do so before the polls close. In fact, do it NOW. Before the time slips away. If you have voted already, terrific. That’s great. More power to you. But, now, see if you can help others…

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Vote! All Politics Is Local!

So tomorrow is the big day — Election Day, the best chance we have hobbling (if not removing) the Orange Fascists in Washington until 2020. So, definitely, get out there and vote if you haven’t done so already. Why wouldn’t you vote? Well, laziness, indifference, stupidity…and, here’s an odd one…the feeling that voting is not…

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Vote while it’s still an option!

So basically Donald Trump is Satan, ok a Nazi, but pretty much the same fucking thing. All this repeat of the Cold War is no fucking accident either.  Trump is probably just signalling to Putin that all of our troops are going to be located near Mexico doing nothing.  So Putin will know when we…

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VOTE: The New Alignment In America

There is an interesting article on the CNN website at the moment, and it provides yet more reasons to vote while you can. In It’s not a blue wave. It’s a realignment of American politics, Ronald Brownstein argues that the Democrats may or may not gain enough seats to take back the House and/or the Senate…

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Vote! Send A Message To The Right!

I really want to encourage everyone to vote.  Whom you vote for is your decision, but please make an informed decision. I clearly believe this society would function better if our “representatives” truly were more “representative” of the people. The one incredibly important message that your vote sends to the extreme group that calls themselves…

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In Cold Blood

A gunman yelling, “All Jews must die,” stormed a Pittsburgh synagogue during Saturday religious services slaughtering eleven innocent people and wounding six… in cold blood.                               By Marc Keyser, The violence is escalating among Trump’s White Nationalist supporters. President Trump said with his usual splendid stupidity, “It looks definitely like it’s an anti-Semitic crime. That is something…

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