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#MoscowMitch: Russian Assest

This video does an excellent job explaining all that Moscow Mitch has done to help Russia.  He’s currently working on making our economy dependent on Russia so we can’t sanction Russia or its oligarchs.   Mahalo, Rachel Maddow for helping explain what has been going on to the American people and how Russia has been…

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Scaramucci Says He Was Oh, So, Very WRONG

Image Credit: Jdarsie11. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International In an op-ed in the Washington Post, former Trump insider Anthony Scaramucci says he was completely wrong to back the Orange One. He writes, “This isn’t a Road to Damascus moment; my concerns have been building publicly for a while. And I’m not seeking absolution. I…

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Democratic candidate for President Marianne Williamson

Editor’s Note: Marc Keyser did not actually interview Marianne Williams for this story. It is a work of political fiction, but it is based on her actual interview with Trevor Noah. Ms. Williamson may or may not agree with the opinions expressed, but Marc hopes she would find the general premise of the phone protest…

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Mooch Strikes Back

We find this amusing…and strangely comforting. From The Hill: “Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said on Monday that he’s assembling a team of former Cabinet members to speak out against President Trump in an effort to find a Republican challenger to the president in 2020…”I’m in the process of putting together a team…

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China’s South American Empire

While Trump abandons the world stage, this is what China is doing… Found on Aljazeera: China to bail out Venezuela’s refineries in exchange for oil, “If Venezuela’s fuel production is restored quickly enough, the US economic blockade could be weakened,”  by Peter Millard and Fabiola Zerpa

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Trickle Up Economics

Here’s an economic policy that would actually work.  How about the people at the top stop pissing on people below them and telling them it’s raining and start dealing in the world of actual economics and not fantasy.   When workers or even retirees are paid a decent wage that allows them to actually be…

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