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We Need Immigrants…NOW

One of the reasons that Trump and his followers have been anti-immigrant is that, they say, America is already pretty well filled up. There’s no vacancy here. We have too many people for too few jobs, and, ergo, “immigrants take jobs away from Americans.” The kicker is that that isn’t true. Oh, yes, we may…

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Deport Melania Trump First, then We’ll discuss the Wall

I sincerely believe that if we follow the narrow Republican logic that all immigration needs to follow “proper procedure” then Melania Trump should be deported. This is an excellent opportunity for Republicans to prove once and for all that they aren’t racist hypocrites and that immigration laws should be enforced equally towards all. Melania Trump…

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Real Immigration Reform (No wall necessary)

We need to stop going after poor migrant workers instead we should go after the businesses exploiting them and their labor. It is very clear to me that Republicans want to have their cake and eat it too. That is to say they want to be able to block immigration to this country, but they…

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June 30 Rally For Families

On June 30, there were rallies all over America for immigrant children and immigrant rights. Hundreds of thousands of people showed up in all 50 states and in city after city. We had one such rally here in Albuquerque and our own Matt Blanchfield was there. He sent us these amazing photos of good, honest,…

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Trump and His War on Immigrants

Over the past couple months we’ve seen the Trump administration implement a zero tolerance policy at the US’ southern border. This has caused us to watch the unlawful detainment of people looking for asylum here in the US, and the kidnapping of their children as well as the placement of these children in kiddie concentration…

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