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Melania’s Apathy Towards Immigrants

  By Chris Madsen There’s a reason I have been very critical of Melania Trump.  It’s not just because of her connection to Donald Trump. To put it simply she doesn’t have American values.  Traditionally, the position of first lady has been used to help display and model American cultural values and norms.  Her stance…

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Kavanugh: Secret Weapon

The Trump administration is expecting to get sued over its strident anti-immigrant policies, but NBC is reporting that White House is confident of winning any court fight now that Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court. Julia Ainsley reports that the White House actually worked on an immigration plan that was certain to be unacceptable…

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Video: The Real Immigrants

Trump and his creatures would have you believe that all immigrants, including legal ones, are a threat to America. Hispanic immigrants are a particular hobby horse for them. Instagram stars Richard and Tess ( won’t stand for any of that nonsense. Here is one of their latest videos. Look at these decent, hardworking people, they…

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Zero Tolerance, the Word of God?

Children torn from the arms of their parents and encaged, along with other young castaways, under the pretense of following the law. Law? Whose law? This president’s law? This Attorney General’s law? This Secretary of Homeland Security’s law? And presuming that it is the law, what law has been broken? Seeking asylum by attempting illegal…

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The Town That’s Fighting Back

ICE came for the immigrants in a little city in Tennessee. But, the people of Morristown weren’t taking it lying down. They’re fighting back to save their friends and co-workers. One of the most moving things I’ve ever seen (I’m tearing up just thinking about it) was an interview with a man from the French…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

Just once, we’d like to start this column by saying that there hadn’t been anything alarming or terrifying on the web lately. Unfortunately, so long as the Orange One is in office, it just ain’t gonna happen. For example, The Washington Post is reporting that for the last year, Trump has declined to read the…

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