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We Need Immigrants…NOW

One of the reasons that Trump and his followers have been anti-immigrant is that, they say, America is already pretty well filled up. There’s no vacancy here. We have too many people for too few jobs, and, ergo, “immigrants take jobs away from Americans.” The kicker is that that isn’t true. Oh, yes, we may…

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Support This Petition To Keep Families Together

We don’t usually publicly support petition drives, even if (or particularly if) they are headed up by celebrities. But, this time, we’re going to make an exception. Natalie Portman, she of Star Wars and much else, is promoting a petition to stop the separation of children from their parents by Trump’s thugs at the border.…

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What to do about it

Donald Trump has said he will end the policy of separating children from their parents at the border. But, come, let us admit that he may be lying. And, just as bad, we have no idea what awful policy his detestable team of idiots may come up with to take the place of mere child…

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Trump Concentration Camps

President Trump has a new “zero tolerance policy” for migrants crossing the border for shelter in the United States. Siting quotations from the bible, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a speech to police officers in Fort Wayne, Ind., cited Romans 13, imploring his “church friends” to remember the Bible passage that directs the faithful to…

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