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Moloch: Sessions’ Genuine God

It seems I owe the Trump administration in general, and Jeff Sessions in particular, an apology. You see, I had assumed that what Trump & Co. genuinely worshipped was Money—or, if you prefer Biblical language, Mammon. As in “you may serve God or Mammon, but not both.” And given the Trump kleptocracy… But now I…

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Breaking News: Trump Backs Down On Family Separations

Multiple media outlets are saying that Donald Trump has said that families will no longer be broken up at the border and children taken away from their parents. Though exactly what happens instead remains a little difficult to determine. The change in policy comes after weeks of intense criticism from, seemingly, every pressure group in…

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ICE: The American Gestapo

By Angela West   Editor’s note: This week we are honored to have a new writer among us, Angela West. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Drew University’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, History and Culture Program. She has a B.A. from Southern Oregon University in history and an M.A. from Drew University specializing…

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