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Trump Putting Concentration Camp Kids Up for Adoption

As if there isn’t enough drama revolving around Donald Trump, we have a new development revolving around those poor kids locked in cages in Trump’s kiddie concentration camps down in the south. Now there are talks about taking the kids that are still being held in those camps, and putting them up for adoption here…

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ICE: Prepare To Melt

Could ICE…a.k.a., Immigration and Customs Enforcement…melt down into a tired little puddle? It just might happen, according to Sean McElwee. Writing in The Nation, McElwee looks at the growing rage against ICE in the country, and at the number of political figures who are calling for it to be shut down entirely. His conclusion, it…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

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And, once more, we’ve no end of interesting articles on the web to consider. Alas, so many of them have to do with Trump, or idiots, or both… Really scary story over on Splinter, The Eugenicist Doctor and the Vast Fortune Behind Trump’s Immigration Regime, by Brendan O’Connor. Seems that Trump’s minions at ICE and…

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Do Unto Thee What Thou Hast Done Unto Others

By Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant Procrustus, in Greek mythology, was the heartless and malicious son of Poseidon, the sea-god.  Procrustus owned a fortress on Mount Korydallos midway between the cities of Eleusis and Athens. A blacksmith by profession, he whiled away his hours by enticing unsuspecting guests to stay the night and sleep upon his…

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The Los Angeles-based rock group, REBEL RAMPAGE, is known for its hard-hitting protest songs, one of which we covered earlier this year. Now, however, it has released something new, “Immigration Man”, which the group describes as “a modern rock interpretation of the 1972 protest song by Graham Nash.  The story illustrates the hardship and heartache…

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Children As Their Own Lawyers

In Trump’s immigration nightmare, toddlers in “tender age prisons” are supposed to be their own lawyers in court   By Marc Keyser Families ripped apart and children put in cages, which the Trump administration calls “Tender age prisons.” A new federal court ruling effectively states that undocumented minors are not entitled to legal representation in…

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June 30 Rally For Families

On June 30, there were rallies all over America for immigrant children and immigrant rights. Hundreds of thousands of people showed up in all 50 states and in city after city. We had one such rally here in Albuquerque and our own Matt Blanchfield was there. He sent us these amazing photos of good, honest,…

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