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Golden City Techies and Fog City Homeless

In the nineteenth century it was known as Paris of the West, also the Barbary coast, you were never supposed call it “Frisco” but the nickname keeps popping up now and again in popular culture. San Fran is another nick-name, the locals don’t seem to like that one either. What do they Like? City by…

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A New and Revised Declaration

Editor’s Note: A common theme for today is what the Declaration of Independence would look like if written now, in an age of Trump. Here is Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant‘s take on the topic.   We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men, women and children in our land and every human community…

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Trump To Evict Poor From Housing

Here’s something to just ruin your day. You know that scene in the old melodramas where the villain curls his mustache and throws Little Nell and her Grandmother out on the street? Well, strike the ‘stache and you’ve got Trump. It seems that his budget, and we’re only now figuring out some of his squirrely…

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