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Adios Cuban Relations

The Trump Administration has now made it extremely more difficult for the average American to take a visit to Cuba.  Diplomatic relations with Cuba were restored under Obama’s administration in 2014.  Most visits that have gone on since 2014 have been granted under “people to people”.  In other words Americans going to meet with Cuban…

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The Truth about Hawaiian Real Estate

by Chris Madsen Most land in Hawaii isn’t investment grade. Hawaii has two land systems. Think about it for a minute and consider the other 49 states all only need one system each. Land Court has been around since 1903 and is the closest system to the original Hawaiian system. Land Court lacks certain things…

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Tulsi Gabbard for President

Editor’s Note: Over the next few months, we will be asking our regular contributors who they favor for president in 2020. Today, Chris Madsen gives us his choice, and it is Tulsi Gabbard, from his own home state. Stay tuned to see other selections from other of our writers. Tulsi Gabbard will be running for…

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Hawaii: The Nation?

Here’s something from our resident Hawaiian, Chris Madsen. America’s claim to the Hawaiian islands is not very firm. Basically, the Islands were taken without a lot of local support as the result of a white planter’s coup and a Washington-based conspiracy. And, to this day, there are those who long for the return of the…

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Hawaii’s Sovereignty…and Trump

An issue that hasn’t gotten much national attention is that at least one advisor at United Nations has recently stated that Hawaii is a sovereign state occupied by the United States government and that the United States, as an occupier, should be enforcing the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom and not the laws of the…

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“MAUBLA” for the Brainwashed Right

I live in a very left leaning place, Hawaii, so it is interesting to see the cultural contrast when transplants are here supporting the far right. Maybe there’s an underground tunnel from Kentucky to here. And quite possibly these are the only people that know which rocks to crawl out from under. I say this…

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