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45’s Doc Raided ‘cause Bald Guys Ain’t Sexy

From the What The F__k File… Trump’s formerly favorite feel-good doctor, Harold Bornstein, is now saying that his office was “raided” in February of last year by none other than Trump’s own bodyguard, a Trumpian lawyer, and an unidentified third man. According to NBC News, Bornstein claims that the mysterious three took away all of…

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What’s On (or Under) Trump’s Scalp?

Frasier: All right, now let me do all the talking—oh, and if it looks like she has an orange Abyssinian on her head—don’t stare. That’s a wiglet.             Fraiser: 5-6, “The Voyage of the Damned” Ever wondered what’s under that horrible comb over? Well, okay. Us neither. But, for the sake of historical record, we…

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