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What’s Happened To Us?

From CNN: The world wonders what’s happened to America Well, world, we’re not too sure, either. One night, we went to bed in the United States, and the next morning we work up in a Fascist dictatorship run by gun-worshiping fanatics.

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Guns, Not Video Games, Cause Mass Shootings

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From Psychology Today: The Evidence that Video Games Lead to Violence Is Weak Republicans and the NRA (National Russia Association) would like you to blame video games for mass shootings. In fact, the evidence is for lack is lacking. Frankly, guns do kill people…

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Hallelujah for the NRA!

Last time we visited the parody music group, Parody Project, we did so with the proverbial tear in our eye. Okay. It wasn’t so proverbial. The tear was real enough. The Project had just done a heartbreaking tribute to the victims of the Parkland mass murder. But, this time, we’re happy to report that they’ve…

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Could Banks Control Guns?

This one we got from our friend and frequent contributor, Peter H. Salus. He directs us to an op-ed piece over at the New York Times that is really rather remarkable. In How Banks Could Control Gun Sales if Washington Won’t, Andrew Ross Sorkin argues that if Washington is incapable of passing meaningful gun control…

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Silencing The Victims

Rather than write about the Right’s incredible attempt to silence and demonize the young people protesting gun violence, we’ll just leave this image right here…

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