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The Green Energy “Gas” Station

It is hard to break the habit of saying “gas station”.  However, in the near future what we now know of as a gas station won’t be selling “gasoline” but will sell hydrogen fuel and help maintain grid electricity.  Hydrogen fuel is a gas so we could still call it a “gas” station if we…

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Bernie’s Green Revolution

From “Any renewable energy the government generates would be publicly owned, and a Sanders administration would prioritize selling it to publicly owned utilities and cooperatives at current rates to keep costs down. The campaign estimates that alone would raise $6.4 trillion of the $16.3 trillion needed to fund the transition.” My own thought is…

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The Death of the Petrodollar

Scotland is now creating twice as much electricity from wind power than it needs to power Scotland.  They have enough energy to start exporting to other parts of the UK.  This is just one example of how the green energy revolution is happening.  Meanwhile, the United States is still clinging to an almost 50 year…

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Solar Power A Friend To Bees

Bee On White Flower

Here’s a cool story. It seems that solar power is bee-friendly. Solar power companies and individuals who just have their own solar panels are putting bee friendly plants around their collectors. The result is bee havens where the wee beasts can fly and collect food without fear of pesticides or other man-made threats. For more,…

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Coal is soooo over…

From The Guardian: ‘Coal is over’: the miners rooting for the Green New Deal. “Appalachia’s main industry is dying and some workers are looking to a new economic promise after Trump’s proves empty” Eventually, lies and threats get you what you deserve. Even the most innocent sheep learns to see the wolf in wool, and…

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The Green Skyscraper

As we move closer to a Green New Deal that will hopefully help us revolutionize the economy.  I came up with the concept of the Green Skyscraper to try and help solve some of our societal ills.  Currently, we allow billionaires to build skyscrapers and that does absolutely nothing to help cure any of society’s…

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Oil Subsidies Could Fuel Green Revolution

Fascinating article from The Guardian: Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash ‘could pay for green transition’  People forget that the oil industry is hugely supported by governments. But, Damian Carrington notes that recent a recent study by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) shows that even a tiny portion of those subsidies could…

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Pelosi’s Got A Challenger

From Jacobin: Meet Shahid Buttar, Pelosi’s Left-Wing Challenger, by Natascha Elena Uhlmann “Nancy Pelosi is facing a primary challenge from a civil rights lawyer who supports the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Knocking her off would be a resounding win for the Left.”

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Kindergarten Rules for Survival 

by Marc Keyser Don’t poop where you eat. Don’t fool with Mother Nature. Don’t let greedy, rich people plunder our natural resources, impoverish people, pollute our environment, and make our planet as barren and uninhabitable as Mars. Never trust a politician who takes big donations from big industries that pollute. Love your neighbor as your…

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