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The Anti-Solar-Panel

I try to keep up on the latest green energy technology. Here’s some technology to invest some of that Green New Deal money on.  A traditional solar panel transfers the heat coming towards the cooler earth into electricity.  This device transfers the heat leaving the warmer earth when it is dark out into energy.  Anyone…

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Hydrogen Appliances that Generate Electricity

I had talked before about having on demand hydrogen powered electricity generators at future hydrogen vehicle gas stations to help balance out the power grid at night.  I thought about it and realized there was one major energy inefficiency I had overlooked that the byproduct of combusting hydrogen in an electricity producing generator is lots…

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The Green Energy “Gas” Station

It is hard to break the habit of saying “gas station”.  However, in the near future what we now know of as a gas station won’t be selling “gasoline” but will sell hydrogen fuel and help maintain grid electricity.  Hydrogen fuel is a gas so we could still call it a “gas” station if we…

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The Death of the Petrodollar

Scotland is now creating twice as much electricity from wind power than it needs to power Scotland.  They have enough energy to start exporting to other parts of the UK.  This is just one example of how the green energy revolution is happening.  Meanwhile, the United States is still clinging to an almost 50 year…

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Solar Power A Friend To Bees

Bee On White Flower

Here’s a cool story. It seems that solar power is bee-friendly. Solar power companies and individuals who just have their own solar panels are putting bee friendly plants around their collectors. The result is bee havens where the wee beasts can fly and collect food without fear of pesticides or other man-made threats. For more,…

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Rural Revitalization in a Newer Green Economy

One subject that has not been addressed in America is how do we revitalize some of the rural neighborhoods that have been dying for decades.   I honestly believe it can be done (even greenly), but it would take a well coordinated government effort.  My green approach would start by encouraging farmers to plant industrial…

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Russia’s Oil vs. America’s Green Energy

Russia’s economy is largely dependent on oil exports.  Part of the reason Putin wanted Donald Trump in office was he wanted to have sanctions removed so that Russia could start exporting even more oil with American investment.  The other part of the reason Putin wanted Trump in office was that it is clear to anyone…

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