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Undocumented At Trump’s Club

There’s an amusing story over on the New York Times site this month. In Making President Trump’s Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers, Miriam Jordan reveals that there is at least one undocumented worker at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. She’s Victorina Morales and she’s worked there since 2013. Apparently, the management doesn’t…

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Drama Free Obama

To everyone who hasn’t read my previous posts, I recently suggested that former President Obama should be nominated for the Speaker of the House position. That’s possible. A non-member can constitutionally be elected to that position.  He still has 2 years he can constitutionally serve as president if called up through presidential line of succession.…

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Mueller Knows EVERYTHING about 45

So how much does Robert Mueller actually know about Trump and his Russian adventures? Pretty much everything, according to Carl Bernstein, the famous journalist. According to a recent story in Newsweek, Bernstein claims that now Mueller has more than enough evidence to link Trump, also know as Individual 1, to many, many of crimes involving…

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Individual 1 Is Scared (for the first time)

Amusing article over on the Newsweek site. Apparently, Carl Bernstein (the famous journalist) told CNN that Trump is getting worried “for the first time in his life” because of Mueller’s investigation. The article quotes Bernstein as saying that being afraid may be a new sensation for Trump, because before this he could always bully or…

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Impeachment is not Enough

Note: The following is not the record of an actual conversation between the author, Marc Keyser, and Robert Reich, the noted public intellectual. Rather, it is a “virtual conversation,” that is, a work of creative non-fiction in which Mr. Keyser envisions how a conversation between himself and Mr. Reich might go. For Mr. Reich’s opinions…

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Melania’s Christmas Video

By Chris Madsen How many things does Melania actually have control over now?  How closely is she being watched?  How often does she actually participate in anything? I find it interesting to see her clinching red gloves in the one scene.  There’s a children’s horror story they tell in Russia about how red gloves are…

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