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Trickle Up Economics

Here’s an economic policy that would actually work.  How about the people at the top stop pissing on people below them and telling them it’s raining and start dealing in the world of actual economics and not fantasy.   When workers or even retirees are paid a decent wage that allows them to actually be…

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Trump-speech is deadly

From The Atlantic: Trump’s Words Are Poison “The president has done more than any politician in living memory to fan the flames of ethnic and racial antipathy and nurture a culture of bigotry.” All too true.

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The GOP Is The Reason For The Dying

From GQ: America’s Mass Shooting Epidemic Is the Result of Republican Minority Rule, “A clear majority of Americans and Democrats support stricter gun control—the GOP has been blocking it for decades, and the results have been murderous.” About time somebody said that.

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Guns, Not Video Games, Cause Mass Shootings

animated GIF of flaming gun

From Psychology Today: The Evidence that Video Games Lead to Violence Is Weak Republicans and the NRA (National Russia Association) would like you to blame video games for mass shootings. In fact, the evidence is for lack is lacking. Frankly, guns do kill people…

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Demography and Democracy

From The Washington Post: The simple math that should keep Republicans up at night, The most common age of Hispanics in America is 11. For whites? 58. We should be careful about demographic predictions. They tend to be a little uncertain. Still, the fact is that the GOP is running out of angry, bigoted, old…

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Global Warming Killing Reindeer

From The Independent: Hundreds of reindeer starve to death on Arctic islands ‘due to climate change’ “Researchers have never found so many carcasses in Svalbard in 40 years of monitoring animal’s population” And yet the GOP will continue saying it’s a hoax, even as Santa notes who has been very, very naughty.  

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Global Warming: The Pavement Can Now Burn You

While the Right continues to claim that global warming isn’t real, the University of Nevada just ran this piece — Study: Sizzling Southwest Summers Can Cause Pavement Burns in Seconds. “When temperatures throughout the sizzling Southwestern U.S. climb to over 100 degrees, the pavement can get hot enough to cause second-degree burns on human skin…

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American Jews Arrested For Protesting Concentration Camps

Never thought I’d see the day in America on American soil where Jews would be arrested for protesting concentration camps.  And yet here we are sinking to new lows as the Trump Administration tries and drags us as a nation through their racist and hateful quagmire.   It’s harder to ideologically subvert a group that…

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