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Exploited America

The Republican Party is making no efforts anymore to even disguise the fact they only work for the 1% and anyone with enough money to lobby (*cough, cough, BRIBE) them.  So in my mind it really begs the question of why do people who aren’t in the 1% still vote in a way that is…

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Meme: We Want The Whole Thing…

Not just a white wash… (Editor’s note: readers may have missed several stories that were posted to LR Net during the brief period when we were off the air. That being case, we will be reposting them over the next few days. This is one such story.)  

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Trumpster Spends $Milllions On PR

Politico is reporting that Seema Verma, the Trump-ster who is supposed to be in charge of Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare has been spending big money on a series 0f GOP-linked consultants to make her look good. The publication notes that she has “…quietly directed millions of taxpayer dollars in contracts to Republican communications consultants during…

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Mueller Report: It’s Only Just Begun

Robert Mueller delivered his report to Attorney General William Barr late yesterday afternoon (Friday, 23 March). Exactly what that means now, and what it will mean for the Trump presidency remains maddeningly unclear. We don’t know, as yet, what is in the report, what Barr will reveal to the public (if anything), and whether the…

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How The GOP Will Celebrate St. Pat’s

It’s interesting the strange way things have progressed over the last several years. This is how my mind remembers just some of it. This all started out around… What is Russia? Where is Russia? There was no covfefe with Russia. There were no deals with Russia either, at all! Well there might have been some…

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Senate Defies Trump

In an astonishing development, the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate voted to defy Trump and overturn his declaration of a national emergency. This is the first time since 2016 that at least some Republican Senators have united with their Democratic counterparts to oppose Trump. It is important not to over-stress the importance of the vote. First, Trump…

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