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The Ghost Recession

Before I discuss what I believe to be happening, I would like to start by addressing what we consider a recession to be. A recession is when for at least 6 months there is a drop in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP), income, employment, manufacturing, and retail sales. Growth has slowed even as we are still…

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America needs Entrepreneurs

It makes me wonder if in combating the billion dollar scale economy if we don’t need more entrepreneurs to do things better and treat the workers and independent contractors better.  Like a Lyft or Uber that charges a $1 or $2 flat fee and the rest of the fare goes to the drivers.  People may…

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Gigs And Slaves

Powerful piece over at truthout, ‘The Gig Economy’ Is the New Term for Serfdom by Chris Hedges. In it, the Pulitzer Prize winning Hedges argues that the so-called Gig Economy is just another means by which capitalism, and capitalists, exploit the rest of us. He looks at Lyft and Uber and other such companies to…

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